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face at all. then, it makes me sick to my stomach. >> the judge is going to wait at least several months before pronouncing sentence to see how good a witness simms is against the other witnesses. >> nathaniel simms will be officially sentenced sometime this fall. three other men are facing charges thatin deadly mass shooting. news chopper 7 is over a house fire. as you can see, a lot of that house has been destroyed. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >> the woman who was front and center for all of the landmark event for civil rights was laid to rest today. sam ford is live at the national cathedral where dorothy height's funeral brought out some of the most powerful people
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in the world. >> the phrase a wonderful celebration of life was one that many of her friends used today to describe what happened. as a young woman, she was a friend of eleanor woman -- eleanor or roosevelt. she was remembered today as a giant in the struggle for equality. it brought together as an rodi civil rights movement and the feminist movement to remember a woman who fought on both sides for 98 years. those who know her well said she would have loved it. dorothy height often remarked on how fond she was a president barack obama, the first black president. >> something that i dreamed and hoped for and i feel wonderful to have lived to see it in the courts with wife michelle,
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president obama was there to remember dorothy height. >> we loved her smile, we love to those hats and that she wore like a crown, regal, and in the white house, she was a regular. she came by 21 times. >> those closest to her said she worked right up to the very end. her long and productive life and she made so many friends evidenced by those who were there today. women from places like north carolina. >> it is an honor to be her. >> leaders of the feminist movement. >> i am just trying to figure out how we can take that progress and to what she would want us to do. >> flags flew at half staff in her honor. >> one speaker was former secretary of labor and close friend who said last year, she
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was asked what was her greatest accomplishment. dorothy height told her that her greatest accomplishment is she started on a journey and she is still on that. her closest friend said she stayed on that journey until the very end. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> part of that journey was being one of the last surviving civil rights leaders that took place in a march on washington. the west -- she was the only woman on stage. a developing story of a prince william county. police are searching for a man who tried to abduct a nine-year old and five-year old. they were walking home between two homes on b -- in bristow. he tried to grab the five-year old. the older boy pushed his brother
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away and ran away. anyone with information is asked to call police. an investigation is under way into a deadly pedestrian accident. it happened on m street in southwest. a a tanker truck struck a woman. she died at the scene. charges have been dropped against more university of maryland students are arrested during the riot. all charges against students arrested on that night have been dropped. prince george's county police arrested 23 people in the aftermath of maryland's win over duke in teh acc basketball tournament. >> d.c. teachers may not be getting a raise, after all. a budget deal that would have paid them more could be collapsing. greta kreuz is live at headquarters to tell us why. >> it is because of how they
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planned to pay for it. we just got word the chief financial officer is hoping to get a letter to michelle rhee analyzing the funds in question. there appear to be very serious troubles. >> he says the proposed new teacher context will not -- contract will not fly. $21foundation's chipping in million have strings attached. students must make specific annual test score improvements. they have to come up with another $29 million after a deficit turned into a surplus and then back into a deficit in the course i never believed the money would be there. there have been so many lies about the funding. >> she is an english teacher. like many, she is tired of the emotional roller coaster.
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>> as a public servant, i do not want my paycheck to come from a private source. a private source can have influence. >> michelle rhee is not commenting. the mayor issued a statement that it was my understanding that there will honor the funding. >> we are not exactly sure what that means but we should get some answers tomorrow when the cfo will testify before d.c. city council committee hearing on the budget. greta kreuz, abc 7 news. the young american public school has had its charter revoked. aid is expected to close by the summer. it is said they violated their charter agreement. they agreed to maintain the
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safety of students and filled to implement in accordance with the mission statement. a new recall could involve hundreds of thousands of cribs. the simplicity creek has been linked to at least one infant death. both cribs have a hardware defect that can create a dangerous gap between the mattress and the crypt where a baby could get trapped or suffocate. for more information on the specific models, go to that oil spill caused by that rig just keeps getting worse. the louisiana and the governor declared a state of emergency as thousands of gallons of crude oil are making their way toward land. it could arrive tonight.
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>> the oil spill is rapidly approaching parts of louisiana. homeland security secretary and cabinet secretaries are heading down to the gulf. there is no fix in sight to prevent an environmental catastrophe. 5,000 barrels of oil per day is gushing into the gulf coast, a threat that is far worse than officials believe. >> is a scale of national significance. >> efforts to quell this bill are to tell. strong winds make it difficult for officials to maintain control oil burns. massive booms have done little to slow the leak. more help is on the way. >> bp is ultimately responsible for finding the costs and cleanup operations, my administration will use every available resource at our disposal. >> the louisiana governor says
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at least 10 wildlife haven in numerous fisheries are in the direct path of the oil. the environmental impact could be devastating. >> it is very important to protect our fisheries. >> the governor has opened a fast -- a special seven season so shrimp can be harvested early. pamela brown, abc 7 news. the day started off a little chilly but it is gorgeous outside and a big warm-up is coming. >> absolutely. we will have a preview of summer weather starting tomorrow and through the weekend. let's get some rooftop live action. just a delightful evening. no clouds around. temperatures around 70. 73 in warrenton.
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the story for this evening, sunny and pleasant. 60's later this evening. cooler but not bitterly cold. 40-50. think 80's for the next couple of days. details are coming up. coming up, busted for providing the wrong type of therapy for local men. >> and mother who set off a nationwide search explains why she abandoned her family to be with her new boyfriend. >> he was available. the marriage had problems for many years. >> john edwards'missed as talks with oprah.
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it is the oprah everybody wanted to see. >> she tells all about of the affair and how the former presidential candidates reacted
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to her daughter. we asked you to share your opinion about the interview and rielle hunter cut hundreds of people wrote in. people called her arrogant, despicable, a hypocrite, very few of you were sympathetic to her or john edwards. for the first time, she speaks out and and oprah its right to the point. >> home wrecker. >> absolutely not. i believe the problems existed before the third party came into the picture. >> many of you had a problem with that. they both showed no regard for honesty. some were more sympathetic. >> is there any part of view that says i should not do that? >> no.
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>> did you know he was married? >> i did know he was married but i did not know what the marriage was like. >> did you think about his wife? >> yes. definitely. >> you think about elizabeth? what i think about her and his children. it was very hard. >> sh >> that is probably doubtful. rielle hunter says nobody wanted her to do this interview and many of you said that she should
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not have. caroline lyders, abc 7 news. >> if you missed that oprah interview, it will air again at 1:00 a.m. we want to hear from you. two kentucky miners are dead after a roof collapse insaide it collapsed -- inside a coal mine. the mine has a long history of safety problems. since january of 2009, inspectors have cited that -840 times for safety violations. women will be reporting on submarines and less than two years. the officers will begin trading by this summer. they will join the sub fleet late next year. the first group of women will be officers.
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there is no time line for allowing enlisted woman onto submarines. teenagers got a warning about distracted drivers from the secretary treasury. ray lahood urged teens to not pick up their cell phones when behind the wheel. abc 7 is joining the fight against distracted driving and take you on a text drive -- test drive later on. john goselin is post to reduce debt -- set to pose for pictures at a bar for a charity project. he will be taking photos with customers for $10 a pop. proceeds are benefiting the women's soccer team.
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>> it is for charity so you did not want to say anything about it. let's move on to weather. what a delightful day. some shun all day. i hope you like summer weather because that is coming up. that is picture-perfect. blue skies. i spent most of the day looking for clouds. i have not seen one yet. clear skies tonight and temperatures very mild. cooler tonight but not as cold as it has been. let's check some of the numbers. a few stops. 74 in vienna. we will get chilly tonight but not like the last several nights. 68 in district. a high of 69. 68 in bowie. bright sunshine and a breeze
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after the sunshine. the pollen count is high again. not as high as it was a couple weeks ago. things are in the low categories for others. right around 70 degrees. we will look to the south and west for warmer winds to move in. not a lot out there right now as far as warm temperatures. the high pressure covers the entire middle area. temperatures are about average. tonight, this high-pressure center will move to the south and east. as it does, it will force the circulation of air and we will start picking up of this error which will become more active over the next several days. lower 80's tomorrow. probably mid-80's through the weekend.
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the high is located here. at the same time, the wind is turning to the south. bright sunshine tomorrow with a few fair weather clouds. temperatures in the low point -- low 80's. a little more humidity. sooner or later, an isolated thunderstorm. saturday or sunday afternoon most likely. right now, a lot of usable outdoor time over the weekend. sunday afternoon, the probability starts to increase. nighttime hours, more so. a bit cooler than with the showers and storms. cool through the night as we drop into the 40-50 range.
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tomorrow, we climb up to the 70's into the 80's. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, they look beautiful. good stuff. >> thank you. ">> tonight, "grey's anatomy delivers a baby but not at the hospital. >> why argue screaming? >> baby, now. >> wow. this will be a night of new shows. it will kick off with "flash forward" at a clot followed by "grey's anatomy" and "private practice." coming up, it was surrounded
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by medical offices but police say what went on in here was not covered by insurance. >> hundreds of thousands of car crashes every year. see how i'd do when i take a ride in a destructive driving simulator. >> coming up, a runaway mother explains why she abandoned her
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the woman known as the runaway mother is telling her story. cards she mysteriously disappeared from ohio which set off days of frantic searching. she ran off with her new boyfriend. natasha barrett is live with the story. >> it is interesting. the runaway mom says she was being selfish when she disappeared with her boyfriend. she also says she is embarrassed by what she did. she returned to ohio but has not moved back in with her husband and their daughter. her husband, police, and hundreds of volunteers searched for her. she is telling her side of the story. >> i would not do this again and i neared -- and i need to make that clear. at the time, i honestly thought nobody would really miss me that
5:26 pm
much. >> in an interview, she talks about her forbidden love with a man she met in a convenience store. she said they had it planned to escape to miami beach together. >> i checked the internet and my picture was a top story on the local news. that free to me out. >> nobody who knew her believed she would leave behind her 1- year-old daughter. >> what was going through my head was she is 13 months old. she has a wonderful father and wonderful grandparents and aunts and uncles. they will take care of her. >> she says because of her religious upbringing, she could not ask for a divorce who still wants her back. >> she may have made some
5:27 pm
mistakes but everybody does. i cannot blame her for any of it. >> she -- prosecutors will decide tomorrow if she will be charged with anything. her attorney says she plans on paying back the city for the costs to search for her. >> thank you. coming up, women on capitol hill. >> think you can drive safely and talk on the phone? you might want to think again. we see what happens when i get into a distracted driving simulator. >> a suspected brothel in a simulator. >> a suspected brothel in a lo
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captioned by the national captioning institute a loudoun county store front promised therapy but police say the business surmounted by medical and dental offices was actually a brothel. gail pennybacker is live with the story. >> this is the kind of place where you bring your kids to get school physicals or braces tightened. very few people could imagine that there was an alleged prostitution ring running out of here. >> a woman uses a key to unlock the door. once inside, she prefers not to talk about obligations this was an illegal parlor.
5:31 pm
>> do you have any comments about the arrests? >> no comment about the raid they carried out in today where employees and clients were charged with a prostitution operation. in this office park full of family oriented businesses, the all male clientele drew suspicion. >> it is about time because it has been there for quite some time. we have complained. >> very uncomfortable. kids come in and out. >> loudoun county deputies says they seized almost everything. >> people thought there was more going on here than what you
5:32 pm
would find that a reputable operation. >> despite being shut down, cars slowly rolled by today with the blinds are closed. nine arrests were made, those accused of buying and selling sex. there may be more charges following the investigation. >> thank you. a jury convicted a springfield mother of child neglect after her child overdosed on heroin. she faces 30 days in jail but the judge could reduce that. she supplied hair when to two babysitters watching her kids. one babysitter testified the five-month year-old chewed on paper used to wrap the drug. the baby was able to recover.
5:33 pm
catholics can now say the name of jesus in prayers again. his name was banned two years ago because it was said they couldn't favor one religious group. groups pressured bob mcdonnell to allow the prayers. this policy has been reinstated. a judge testified before the maryland commission for disabilities. he pleaded guilty to tampering with a vehicle and he admits his actions were foolish. the commission could publicly reprimand him or recommend suspension or removal from the bench. howard university offered a salute to women in leadership roles. several leaders in america were honored for excellence -- for their excellence and diversity and philanthropy.
5:34 pm
there was a special mention of dorothy height who was certainly missed today. a man and man in pink spent the day fighting for better access to breast cancer screening. rebecca cooper has the details. >> they came for the district, maryland, virginia, and across the country. they had a very clear mission, their advocates said want washington to focus on breast cancer. excess arise -- excess arrive in pink, many men and women gathered on capitol hill. >> we have over 250 people here today from all over the country and making individual business, many of them their first time. it is so important for our voices to be heard. >> this congressman supports
5:35 pm
their efforts. +.i'd give them and a she lived a lot longer because of early detection and treatment. >> the advocates say they have a research effect. >> it can also be shared with other types of cancers looking for early markers and early detection. >> right here in our office, one of our staff members, his wife is directly battling breast cancer. -- valiantly battling breast cancer. >> there are women who feel that they need to use their voice for those who can. >> these lobbyists were pushing
5:36 pm
for federal funding for breast cancer research and to make sure an amendment in the health care legislation covers mammograms is implemented and enforced. members of congress testified today that if it were not for mammograms, these women might not be survivors. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. time for a check on the traffic situation. >> it is a rough day on the beltway to say the least. let's take a look at maryland. and this is a view of the american legion bridge but of the inner loop of the beltway starts near tysons corner of around route 7. that slows all the way to hearway to1 in college park. -- all the way here to route 1 in college park. let's take a look at springfield, 95 south down.
5:37 pm
that is slow from springfield to triangle where there was a disabled tractor-trailer blocking the right lane. the miserable day is for both maryland and virginia. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, many people think they can drive safely while talking on a phone or texting. see what really happens when i jump into a distracted driving simulator. >> some movies to remember for blockbuster season.
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summit over season is almost here. >> there are some shows you want to check out before the blockbusters get here. >> the parade of blockbusters and sequels kicks off next week. meantime, remember these three gems. introduces a talented newcomers.
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i hope you have a nice weekend. >> you can sit now, release of the kraken. still ahead, we know what cities and jet blew will be flying to. >> cynne simpson takes a ride in a simulator testing her reaction to distractions on the road.
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my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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we are on your side with a fight to keep the road was safe. experts say 6% of all crashes are related to drivers who take their eyes off the boat to look at cell phones. cynne simpson is live in front of the studio to show us a test drive she took. >> this is our driving simulator. i want to show you about how this works. you will notice this front wheels are actually on disks. when you steer, the disks are able to determine that.
5:46 pm
the gas pedal, brakes, those are all connected to a computer system that allows the simulator to adjust how quickly you are going. our driver has on these goggles. this allows him to have this virtual experience. we can see exactly what he is seeing on this monitor. i tend to think i am a pretty good driver. we want to take a look at what happens when i got distracted behind the wheel. putting my driving skills to the test, i put the pedal to the metal in a driving simulator. things started off just fine. >> nice and straight, until my phone rang. >> your speed just dropped and you swerved. >> he works for a company that makes and sells simulators to teach people how dangerous a
5:47 pm
split second distraction can be. >> you are over the speed limit. " the simple act of taking a call clearly affected my driving. >> immediately, you were swerving. you went to the left and then to the right. i could tell and that split second, you were not thinking about what was in front of you but more about that phone call. >> when i got a text, i tried to steer with my knee when typing. >> be there in 5 -- it looks like you're under the effects of alcohol. >> your speed is way too slow. >> i am going 18 miles per hour. i am still crossing the line. >> my reaction time was abysmal. >> you just crashed. question no. " the brain is focused on one
5:48 pm
task at a time. you put all your efforts into looking down at the tone. >> after several crashes, i got the message loud and clear. you think of that you can do all of these things at one time. the reality is that you cannot. >> ". whoa. >> apparently, i am not as good of the driver as i thought i was. distractions make a huge difference in your response time. you see people crash and burn behind the simulator will all the time. is there a difference between talking on the phone and texting. is one more dangerous than the other? >> i do not really see a difference. when your eyes are off the road, you are more likely to deviate your position and have a crash. we see a lot of that on the
5:49 pm
beltway and many roads. yesterday, i was on my way to work and i felt a car drifting into my lane. they were texting furiously. >> a dangerous situation. >> tomorrow is no phone arizona day. what do you think of this? >> i am all for it. i have loved ones who have lost loved ones and it is important that we get a safe driving on the road. >> all about awareness. i have been driving for about 15 years. you will be very interested to see what happens when we put some teen drivers in the same simulator. that is coming up at abc 7 news at 5:00 tomorrow. it will be eye opening. >> it is unanimous, nobody wants
5:50 pm
to ride with you. [laughter] >> it is like that, hot? uh? >> join us tomorrow at the newseum for a no phone zone rally. ray lahood will be there, as well. there will be other famous cases. after that, what a special edition of oprah. let's check on the weather. >> it is delightful up there. about 70 outside with the sun shining. let's take you to one of our live cameras in calvert county. some boats are already going
5:51 pm
down the ramps. it is delightful. a lot of people will be in the weekend -- and the water this weekend. 69 in hagerstown. a bit of a breeze but not when the light yesterday. 74 in fairfax. high pressure will slip to the southeast. that will forced -- that will force the winds and bring warmer temperatures. highs in the lower 80's tomorrow. middle 80's a good bet for the weekend. delightful. 83 for a high. over the weekend, at least 86 on saturday. showers and thunderstorms are a better chance late sunday afternoon and sunday night. we will have more in a couple minutes. >> thank you. unbelievable.
5:52 pm
>> i was ok without the distractions. >> i am not going to dinner with you. capitals had such high expectations. before the playoffs, they were reaching all the goals they set. even today, alex ovechkin was named as a possible in the peak. seasonitals' best ever ended in the worst possible way. >> it was like a punch in the head. that is how it feels. >> the montreal canadiens pulled the impossible, the little 8 seed of that could put they fought back from 3-1 and shot the hockey world. >> i thought we had a good chance of winning the stanley cup this year. i would have bet my house that they would not have beaten us three games in a row.
5:53 pm
>> alex ovechkin was told -- was held without a goal and almost speechless after word. while the city of montreal exploded in jubilation, here in washington, sticks are being stored for the summer. much earlier than anticipated. >> this is a tough lesson to learn. you felt after last year that we might win the cup. we did not take anybody for granted but the importance of winning the first round which is a tough round to win. we will be smarter for it next year. >> coming up, we talked about bruce boudreau. is it on him? we challenge him a little bit. tiger, he spent most of his
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a warning for drivers. >> and exhaust could be doing
5:57 pm
more damage to your body then you realize. how bad the air on the road really is. >> as it commuters to not have enough to worry about with traffic and weather. a small group of activists is saying you have to pay attention to pollution, too. they drive the highways in a hybrid sniffing the air with a trio of devices measuring so ot from diesel trucks. these researchers are with a group called green air task force. they claim that your commute is dangerous to your health because of what comes out of these? of diesel powered tractor- trailer's. >> 21,000 people die every year prematurely from diesel exhaust in the course citing their own research, they claim commuters face the second highest risk of premature death among the lower 48 states. they also claim it causes cancer
5:58 pm
and heart attacks. what they want is for congress to require an help truckers pay for the same pollution filters on older trucks that have been mandatory on brand new ones for three years. >> with filters that can remove knighted & of these particles, we can eliminate the problem. >> we asked a trucker and you get a quick answer, at $10,000 each, it is too expensive. [inaudible] >> they want cleaner air and everything else. it just won't work. >> activists know this is tough times for truckers. they would like to see a federal program like cash for clunkers to good old trucks off the road. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. one of the suspects in last month's deadly shooting strikes a plea deal.
5:59 pm
>> big names come up to remember dorothy height. >> a massive oil spill is getting closer to the u.s. coast. she fought for equality for every american man and woman. dr. dorothy height got the tribute she deserves today. >> president obama was one of the hundreds in attendance at the funeral at the national cathedral. sam ford joins us with the details. >> dorothy height was involved with civil rights groups, the ywca and people from all of those organizations came today to honor a woman who has stood with them for most of her 98 years. they filled with the national years. they filled with the national

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